Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just once or twice

top- Old Navy
under blouse- Ross?
jeans- Forever 21
Going to give the hubs some credit for taking out to eat to Chevys earlier this week.
There Babe, your one sentence of glory.
Other than going for groceries once, the library, and hitting up Borders I havent left the house AT ALL this week ... I MIGHT have gone to the park.... ok I did. This wasn't the outfit I planned on wearing, but after the hubs asked if I wanted to go to dinner, and actually put on a dress top I realized that I needed to do something with myself.
So I went and stared at the closet.
Do you do that? Just stare? And look at ALL the clothes you have and say "I dont have ANYTHING to wear!!!"? I do it, not all the time, but when I do its a major breakdown. 
I first started with the under top. I havent worn it in 3 years (probably longer). But the the mirror was NOT my friend and started talking trash to me, so I thought I tone it down with a plaid button up.... I think it came out alright, lets just not pay attention to the dirty hair :)
The breakdown lasted 3 minutes (record short time) and am I the only one with a mirror that talks to her?


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