Saturday, March 5, 2011

March of Hair: Pin Up Hair in a HURRY!

(this isnt me, but make sure to check out Iris on her YOUTUBE page and for some more amazing hair tutorials!)
We all dream in Pin-Up.
Wait, screw "pin-up". Lets just say classic.
Before I knew what a pin up was I longer for the 40's,50's look. From clothing, music to hair I thought it as all feminine, classic, stylish, & lovely. 
There was a time not to long ago that women always had their hair done, and never left the house in their scooby-doo pajama pants. EVER. I'll admit I long for the state of mind.
Well that was THEN and this is NOW. 
In the NOW we don't have the TIME for anything.
So here is a QUICK tutorial to capture the classic glam look.
This is achievable for ANYONE. Its SIMPLE.
To top off the look, wear some red lipstick! 
Dont have any? Make a run to Target, go to the cosmetics aisle. 
It's WONDERFUL and perfectly priced.
Check out THIS wonderful TUTORIAL from Keiko Lynn on RED LIPS.
Then let me see some hair and sexy lips over at the March of Hair Flickr Pool.


Coupon Queen said...

Cute hair style and I would have never guessed it was that easy, thanks for sharing it, I am going to try it out next time I go out. I agree with you about the fashion, and the PJ pants being worn in public drive me insane!! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, I am following back and look forward to more cool ideas. :) Have a great afternoon.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Beautiful! I am a big 'classic' fan. Those ladies were the best :)
Stopped over to wish you a happy comment day. Your site is gorgeous. Now off to go have an even better look around. :)

Madeline said...

Hi stopping by from ftlob and sunny Singapore. Love the pictures and looks :)

Diana Smith said...

PRETTY! You are gorgeous!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I love pinup hair. that is so the look I was going for today on my blog. thanks for sharing I will have to check her out.

Write it in lipstick

panpan said...

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