Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Expressing My Inner Leprechaun

sweater- thrifted
blouse- thrifted
skirt - home made w/ thrifted fabric
tights- Target
heels- Escape ShoeDazzle
sunglasses- Forever21
Doesnt my son look like a little model? He is so handsome. Just had to state that, moving on.
Yesterday I was hell bent on wearing these tights. I mean I had them all month and didn't wear them at all for the February Tights Challenge. Another thing I was bent on was wearing my Escape heels again.
I didnt have an occasion to wear them, and I realized I didnt NEED an occasion.
So this outfit was born.
Its weird, but I was content.
I feel like I'm expressing my inner leprechaun.


Diana Smith said...

Love this! You look so cute in green! I love your tights too!

MissFancyPants said...

Love the tights!

JMay said...

I LOVE those tights, seriously such a cute outfit. Oh & your little guy is so so adorbs!

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