Saturday, February 12, 2011

Appreciating Yourself

It started simple with tinted moisturizer.
I decided EVERYDAY I would wash my face (I've been know to recycle eye makeup by just not washing my face), and wear some tinted moisturizer. It would help with the wrinkles that are creeping up on this 25 year old face, AND it would hide the bags under my eyes.
The next decision was to get dressed EVERYDAY. 
Not that I'm running around naked, but unless I'm leaving the house, I will stay in pajamas ALL day. 
Why create more dirty laundry?
These 2 simple things had me feeling better about myself. 
I brought it up to the hubs and he said "Its nice to see you appreciating yourself."
When he said this I was confused.
It left me thinking "What does that mean?" "Have I not been appreciating the hard work I've put my body through?"
But after questioning myself, I realized that this is what I needed to be doing.... I should push it further.
Its been 12 days, and I have really had fun.
Not only have I have had fun DRESSING up everyday (anything with TIGHTS is dressed up to me) but I've also dipping further into sewing clothes.
I've also enjoyed the shoe shopping :)
So now I'm going to go further by posting my daily outfit everyday.
Now to those of you thinking "Is she trying to be a fashion blogger?" (<--insert annoying nagging voice of negative people)
Heck, sure. Why not? Start one for yourself as well!
Goodwill Dressing Room (classy):
 Skirt-Homemade using thrifted fabric

Though I really dont know much about fashion, I do plan on learning more to expand (and use what I have) my wardrobe. 
Also challenging myself to do this makes me document myself via photo. Ive taken more photos of myself in the past 2 weeks then I have in 4 months.
I dont always want to be remember as mom BEHIND the camera. I want to be in front as well :)
So follow along, give me tips, tell me I'm crazy or share me some sales online :)


mommytotwobbs said...

I think it's a great idea!!! I'll b reading ;)


Hello! Thanks so much for your comment on Twitter. Glad that you found me, because I am so happy to have found your adorable blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely pictures & outfits. xx veronika

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