Friday, February 4, 2011

365:Day 1: Anthro Inspired Necklace from Julias Poppies Design

Do you love Amazon? If not you need to start a love affair now.
Today Amazon delivered ...
A Daily Creativity Journal: 365: Make Something Every Day And Change Your Life.

Oh how I've been wanting this cute composition style book for a while now. Its been cruising around blog land, and I decided I needed to check it out.
As you can see from the cover its a creativity journal. And for 365 days it gives your inspiration tips to CREATE something everyday.
Now if you are just amazing creative and dont need this book, well... Good for you.
If you are like the rest of us, just the tiniest nudge in the right direction can do wonders for the creative portion of our brains. There is a creative hemisphere,lobe, vein or something like that right?

Since the book was like a hot potato in my hands, I needed to start right away. 
Its a simple book. So why not?
A fabric flower in the palm of my hand

First day was to create some that fits into the palm of my hand....hehehehehe (rubbing hands together), I already had something planned....
First you MUST check out this SEXY SIMPLE tutorial from Julia's Poppies Design
I saw this and nearly fainted. Like seriously.
Just LOOK.
So Ive had this link open on my desktop all day. I was without a car, and didnt have beads... so I was sad. 
Then at 8pm I realized that my daughter has a major stash of mardi gras beads. Jackpot. So I dug around for a broken pair, and got to work while watching a movie with hubs.
Busy with beads

Let me say this again. SO SIMPLE!



Oh by the way, I made this in my pajamas, but decided that I needed a cute top to show it off :)
Im sitting here thinking that this may be the first piece of bling bling since I was.... um.... small?


lindsay said...

love it!!! i just purchased this book last weekend ♥ any chance i get to be creative i'm on board :)

i adore what you've made doll so awesome! i think i need to get started myself. have a beautiful weekend girlie! xo

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