Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Tights Challenge: Week 3

First thing that I have to bring up today is that I know I promised REAL photos instead of INSTAGRAM photos, but now that I look at the REAL photos, I sort of like the look of the INSTAGRAM ones...
Oh well, there is only ONE week left of the challenge! SAD!
But that doesnt mean that I cant stop wearing tights. I've got a cute little collection going and with it never really getting to hot or to cold in Monterey, there will be plenty of opportunities to keep tights flowing.
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Every week my excitement for my outfits grow. 
With day 17 , I really needed to be working those legs if I plan to be cruising around in tights all month.
Come DAY 19, well we are up here in Battle Mountain, playing in the snow and being outside isnt the smart time for tights. ** I just peeked over at Moes blog (she is putting on the challenge) and I'm happy to see that she as well had to succumb to wearing jeans this week. Phew, I was actually feeling guilty over my choice of clothing... but sad to sad for the remainder of this trip I will be wearing pants.
I have to be practical!!
Go on over and check out the challenge!
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Diana Smith said...

Loving all the shoes you are posting! You are so stylish!!

The Smith Circle

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