Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost Boys Whaaa?

Have you ever had your mom buy you something that she thought was TOTALLY rad but left you saying "Um, suuuuuure. Greeeeeaaaat."
This happens to me whenever my mom visits. 
I'm totally grateful, cause not until this past month have I gone shopping for clothes in 3 years. Ive picked some things up along the way, to adjust with weight gain/loss but havent really done any damage to my wardrobe.
But though Im greatful, I'm iffy on all things.
But these gifts end up working in the end. As long as I wear them, ... whats the word.... correctly?
The gifts in this outfit are the top and jacket.
Yesterday I recieved my AWESOME/COMFY/SEXY Natiri boots from SHOE DAZZLE. It was unexpected to receive them early in the afternoon, so I had replan my outfit, and I didnt know where to start.
This month has been a lot of firsts for me. Meaning I have worn many outfits that I've had to remove the pricetag from.  So I stared at the top, and challenged myself to make it work.
Top- gift
Jacket- gift
tights- target
Belt- Francesca

The paleness. sunglasses, and leather jacket make me think LOST BOYS. What about you?
Even though I cross processed the photo, I was still REALLY pale. I had to do something about the photo. Or do something about the lack of sun.
Now that I have some photos of myself in my "different" outfits, its given me time to reflect. I stare at the pictures and think like an artist on where I could have added some color, mixed a different top, think of hairstyles (which I'm lacking). I need a hairstylist friend to show me some easy "dos". But for now I will search YouTUBE.


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