Friday, February 11, 2011

This is the hubs making me a marathon training plan.
@runningcaveman making a running plan
I normally have an awesome COACH.
But I have NOT been on the ball AT ALL with anything fitness related, and decided to stop with my coach until we moved (military) and I'm ready to tackle IRONMAN.
This makes the hubby happy.
Not because he doesnt have to pay for a coach anymore (I'm sure he might be a wee little), but HE gets to make me a plan.
For all of you who DONT know my husband scrapbooks.

He cuts out all he precious clippings from :Runners World, Triathlete & Running Times and makes these inspiration books.
He keeps some in plastic sleeves in binders, and other glued into NAVY issued Log Books.
They are his little babies.
There have been times when I have peeked into his books, and have been blow away with how organized he is with it.
I really cant go into detail, but EVERYTHING has a place.
Its pretty cool
So with the excitement & work he is putting into this training plan, I HAVE to step it up.
There is only 12 weeks to the BIG SUR MARATHON.
Hills, hills and more hills.
I tell everyone "Bart Yasso said I had to do it, so I am.".
... OK just spent 2 minutes staring at what I just typed, and am freaking out that there is only 12 weeks.
Oh mah gah.
Speechless now.
Will I be able to stick to HIS training plan?


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