Saturday, February 26, 2011

Round Two

mini skirt- Forever 21
Ahhhh, I can breathe.
Amazing how much a pair of blue tights and a yellow mini skirt can relax the nerves.
Or is it the fact that I was walking into Joanns & DSW in these pictures?
I think it had to be my partner in crime Denice, our crimes being that we spend our husbands money... hehehehe.
So Denice + Yellow Mini skirt = equal a great time.
Add a box of thin mint cookies and your in heaven.
Can I just say today was a good day?
We all dont have the opportunities to, but a time out with your gal pal and shopping therapy can really put a smile on ones face. Hence the cool aid grins above.
My goal for todays trip to Joanns was getting elastic & fabric (plus more yarn, dont tell hubs) to finish up my February Project list. As I read the list I'm falling short greatly on what I wanted to accomplish this month. But many other projects were completed instead.
So wish my luck as bust out 2 skirts & 1 dress within the next 2 days... oh along with an attempt on THIS pattern from JJcrochet.
Now to clean the red lipstick my daughter painted all over her face, she just ran by me screaming, looking like an indian with her war paint.
Is it bedtime yet?


Dominique@Delightfully Domesticated said...

Don't know which I love more-your outfit or your blog! So glad I found you! Can't wait to see more cute outfits and your posts on hair...cause Lord knows I need a bit of help!

Take care and have a great week!

srochelle said...

This is a great look! And I totally understand about trying to not dress up because you know other people won't be... it always leaves me feeling rather blah.

I love all your DIY's and and looking forward to learning more hairstyles in March!


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