Monday, February 21, 2011

Around the House Mondays: Round 2

Before hopping on the road for a 10.5 hour drive back home I snapped some pictures.
'Around the House Mondays' is a weekly post of things that stood out to me that wrapped up the weekend.
Paw Paw & Abuelas boots. 
The look of both these pair of boots best describes in my in laws.
Paw Paws boots worn in, but comfy as though you could put them on yourself and felt as though they were made for you. Though they are worn in they have a bit of rustic, hard working charm to them, that always has a story to tell.
Abuelas has long black hair, clean, beautiful, short and as warm & welcoming as these boots. Though both pairs of boots completely different  they compliment each other perfectly.
Fishing was the main drive of the Hubs adventure up north. He dreamt of going up there and fishing to his hearts content. His dreams didnt come true, only Paw Paw caught ONE fish. 
The fishing poles will remain in the corner till the next trip, when hopefully the fish are awake?
My Miss Chloe LOVES her monkeys. 
She rescued this monkey yesterday from the museum.
The pack up. Need I say more?
This was the view from my bedroom window. Do you see anything?
I had hoped both Sunday and this morning to see Gidget wandering the in the brush...

These moments captured all left an impression in my mind this weekend.
Are there things still laying around your house left from the weekend?
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Diana Smith said...

Love the monkey! We have a little monkey doll for Olivia and she loves it! There is nothing in that desert! Kinda cool though!

The Smith Circle

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