Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running Tights & Milkshakes

Its been beautiful on the Monterey Peninsula. Knowing that we wouldnt have blue skies forever we decided to head downtown for a run.
Before that...
My first self photo shoot. Only snapped a couple of photos, but it captures the jist of todays outfit.
Oh and these are running TIGHTS, so I am still under guidelines for the February Tights Challenge.



Shoes- Newton Lady Isaacs
Tights- Nike Running Tights
Top- Cancun Iroman 70.3 Finishers Tech Tee
Want to know secret?
We didn't even get our run in.
The tires on the stroller were flat. So we went and had milkshakes and wraps.
Don't judge ;)



Hey, I love that shirt ; ) I bet you earned that. HEHE

Erin said...

That is something I would do... (have a flat and go for milkshakes instead) haha! Hope you had a fantastic day!

Marcela said...

Tights look great... and I am so glad I found your blog.. want to hear more about your triathlon training!

706. Joel said...

Had a pair of tights just like yours... Aren't they great?

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