Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Tights Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 of the February Tights Challenge completed! Woo Woo!
Outfits this week are different.
Example: Polo with hot pink tights? One word: Comfortable.
Day 9 & 11 were total lounge days. Well I wasnt lounging more hunched over my sewing machine becoming the mad scientist AND playing with the kids. Tights are NOT a smart thing to wear when rough housing with toddlers.
February Tights Challenge:Day 6: Raving Polo Match?

February Tights Challenge:Day 7: I finished my skirt!!!

February Tights Challenge: Day 9: no tights, lounge day but I got new heels!

February Tights Challenge: Day 10: plaid day & gray tights

Just o'pile of lonely tights

February Tights Challenge: Day 12
Interesting huh? You can still join in on the fun!
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I will promise one thing. Well its more of a challenge for myself....
There will be REAL photos next week! Meaning no instagram photos. I will remember to take a photo using the my REAL camera.
Exciting :)


Jen said...

1) I wore tights two days in a row this week, just for you! And because the weather was finally warm enough and I was tired of wearing pants. 2) Your day 12 tights, I JUST bought those and wore them yesterday. . .I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

Moe said...

Such great outfits!!! thanks for linking up :) :)

i am loving your tights...swimming in the jealous sea over here!!

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