Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its Snowing...

Another road trip.
This time to Battle Mountain, Nevada.
Where is that? The middle of NO WHERE. Seriously.
How long did it take to get to the middle of nowhere? 13 hours. Normally an 8 hour drive.
All but 2 hours of the ride was in rain and then SNOW.
This picture was taken out the chevron station in Truckee, CA. Or everyone else might know it as Donner Pass. We were stuck in the car for so long, we nearly became new members of the Donner Party.
If were are friends via facebook/tumblr/twitter you all now how "fun" the ride was.
Was trying to capture my breathe.... apparently wasnt happening.
jacket- Columbia
Blouse- Ross
vest- Forever 21
tights- Target
boots- Natiri Shoe Dazzle

Had to take a scary outfit shot.
This is kinda dressed up for me. Usually roadtrips consist of me wearing a tracksuit and flip flops. Not this time, I was hell bent on on looking "good". You can be somewhat fashionable AND comfortable.
The night before I actually packed OUTFITS for this trip. Apparently this is how you are supposed to pack? I have always randomly packed tops and bottoms that I hoped would look good together.
But I am proud to say I feel somewhat prepared for this trip other than the fact I packed a bunch of flats when its snowing outside.


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