Monday, February 14, 2011

Around the House Mondays: Round 1

I've been pondering the need for topics. Not that I haven been able to think of things to write of, but I've been looking to carry a certain topic for certain days. So I have something to look forward to.
Along with having something to write/type about, I'm always searching for ways to document my day via photo.
On Monday afternoons I like to walk through my messy house. Its usually messy because either we are gone all weekend, or I am to busy spending time with the family that I decide to pass up cleaning for quality family time. 
Today as walked through I reminisced of all the adventures we had this weekend by all the things that were laying about the house, this led to an idea for Mondays post.
The name will forever be...
A post dedicated to things laying about the house that catch my eye and put in flashback mode.
This will also be a LINKY party! EEK!
Because I LOVE seeing the insides of other peoples homes. I'm a stalker like that :)
This clipping I have seems to be like a leaf and floating around the house ... haunting me. 

I have yet to read Sew Serendipity, but this is my go to pile with books. Hefty scriptures taking over the shelf.

During late nights of sewing, I place my sewing machine on a TV tray and watch movies. For now the hubs put Ms. Singer in the corner.

My fabric stash I scored during this weekends thrifting adventure.

Oatmeal is a daily staple for me. The only thing that can keep my blood sugar stable throughout the morning. Oh and check out Scott Jerek, the hubs and I met him when we ran the Rock n Roll Las Vegas 1/2 marathon.

My collection of thrifted finds on my kitchen shelf is growing. Big loving thank you to Denice for finding the baby elephant! They are so cute.

Normally there is a calendar here, but I decided that the Mayan calendar would suffice this year. Mark and I picked it up at a village out side of Chitzen Itza while in Mexico participating in Cancun Ironman 70.3.

This snowman greets me everytime I walk into our guest bedroom/storage room. I really need to put him somewhere else, but he just moved in. He was evicted from the kitchen windowsill. 

A WHOLE BAG. Yep, I went through to many Hershey Kisses this year... well me and the kids. They are addicted as well.

The pattern stash. After the madness at the ruffled skirt, I just cant get myself to throw out all that paper even though the pattern is wrong. I feel like I'm wasting trees!

The importance of this photo? 
The razor is out.
I shaved my legs for a run. 
Now thats a big deal.

Though this post went up late, please feel free to add a blogpost or Flickr photo at any time this week. It closes on Thursday.

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Betty Lou said...

Great idea!

Diana Smith said...

Cute idea! Love the pictures, think I will do this next monday, hopefully when my house is clean haha

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