Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paper Bag Skirt

Last night after my Ruffled Skirt Breakdown I was distraught.
I was ticked.
I felt as though the craziness in my mind defeated me.
Uh, I dont think so.
After I got some food in the belly, and popped in The Royal Tenenbaums, I got up, man handled the butcher paper and made a pattern for the Paper Bag Skirt.
I admit, its a simple pattern. Simple enough for me to feel like a cool chick once I was completed.
Only took 2 hours, and I finally got to use my thrifted fabric, Im in love.
Looks pretty darn close to the high end models versions above huh?
Thinking about making a tutorial. Cause everyone needs to be styling in one of these bad boys.
Received the greatest compliment today. In one of the shops I was shopping in today one of the girls working there asked me where I got my skirt, I told her I made it. I think she was impressed.
But that only meant one thing.
She was loving my mad skills.
Would YOU like a tutorial?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, please make a tutorial!! That is way cute and I need projects that I feel like I can accomplish with my currently neglected sewing machine!

mommytotwobbs said...

Yes!!! Tutorial!!!!

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