Saturday, February 19, 2011

LOST: My Gidget

Its sad and funny on how much of an impact a pet can how on out lives.
Many times people refer to their pets as one of their children, though to some people it seems extreme, pets are really like little children we care and love for.
Today my 4 year old Mini Poodle ran away from the place she was staying, while here in Battle Mountain for the weekend. 
Her name is Gidget. She was my first "child", filling the whole that was empty when my husband and I were newly weds and he was always deployed.
Just like a newborn, I remember waking up many times during the night to take her out, and to calm her down as she cried in her kennel.
I put her in my purse when she was a pup, and remember taking her in my purse to the airport to pickup the hubs the first time he saw her. He wasnt happy on the fact I bought a puppy, but couldnt resist her fluffy poodle curls.
I sit here and remember how good she was on the trip up here. Her fuzzy head nestled in between the hubs and I. I know she was so good because she was happy to tag along for this roadtrip and wasnt left behind.
Now she may be outside freezing. 
Or someone stole her and is warm inside someones home.
I like to think that she is cuddled up with someone, other than roaming the streets, looking for us or being  attacked by wild animals.
Please remember my little Gidget tonight in your prays.
Though we searched for hours today there has been no word from her.
Maybe tomorrow our luck will change.


Denice Carmody said...

My heart is breaking for you and the kids. I will say a special prayer that Gidget is safe and you will find her soon.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Oh, I am so so sorry! I will say a prayer too!

jesse.anne.o said...

Oh my god. Did you ever find her? Did she have a collar and tags on?

You probably already know this but some of the things I've heard people recommend here are:
- calling the local animal shelter
- putting up posters in the area
- looking up local grassroots groups on Petfinder to see if they know anyone who found her
- putting signs up near dog runs
- putting signs up at grocery stores/coffee shops/pet stores - wherever people buy their pet food or anywhere high foot traffic

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