Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dailymile Inspiration

There are many things I am addicted to, and one of them once was DAILYMILE.
Most of my twitter friends are dailymile mates.
They have all been the biggest inspiration
biggest pain in the butt.
Only a pain in the butt because I see everyones post of the miles they are racking up, and I havent even put my running shoes on.
So far this week I have ran 3 times. And thats A LOT since only who knows when.... well apparently DAILYMILE does.
Today I saw all over twitter the announcement of all the new Dailymile team members.
Very excited to see them, I dipped my toes into Dailymile, you see I have been hiding. Pathetic. I know.
Was thrilled to see some of my absolute FAVORITE Dailymilers like Ann & Carol on the team. They always have kind and motivational words to share.
Then since I was on the site I decide to check out my "recents". Then I saw this....
My fun posts? FUN? 
LOL, my posts were fun because I was having FUN. All workouts were amazing, and always seemed so have some kind of encounter that lead to a story.
I look back and see all the stories to my training and I read in awe.
I want to be back there.
I NEED to be back there.
So I will be.
After reading this post, I jumped off the couch and ran to my dresser, I had to dig, but I found it....
Sad to think that it was at the very bottom. Hiding. Ignoring it because I had no motivation in me.
I put it on as thought I was Superman putting on his cape, it lit a fire....
Since the fire was lit I had to round up the kids " WE'RE GOING TO THE GYM!!!!". The kids scattered screaming "YIPPEE GYM! GYM! GYM!".
They pretended to run around and get clothes.
Then I realized something. The hubby took the car with the carseats.
"ARRRRRRRRRRRRR", fists in the air, jaw clenched, then I looked down to 2 kids looking at me with their clothes in hand and my daughter with a thong around her neck (I had been doing laundry and she digs through for my underwear so she can wear them as accessories).
They were sad too. They knew I was upset. But I then cheered on "NAPTIME!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!", the kids screamed back "YAAAAAAAAY!!!" scattered for their sippy cups and went down for a nap.
The running gods were on my side.
Sitting in front of my front door is a treadmill that I was supposed to sell last month. It doesnt calculate distance or the correct time, but it moves. 
Thats all I needed.
I set up camp in my tiny hallway. Put a movie on my laptop, had headphones in blasting some pandora and I got my run on.
This run fueled my day and I completed everything that was needed to be done. I now sit down finished and thinking of how happy I am.
All because of people that check in with me, that are always there for an encouraging word.
Dailymile, I miss you.


runnermom315 said...

Wahooooooo!!! (You're dusty pal, Carol)

Anonymous said...

Dailymile misses you too!!! But I'm glad to see you got a run in today on this cold, rainy, wet day (the pup & I faced the elements and I'm not sure it was worth it ... haha)

Diana Smith said...

I wish I could have that motivation...I need to run!! You are amazing for doing that!!

The Smith Circle

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