Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Bear

There are a couple things I need to get off my chest about Little Bear.
Is he the only civilized animal? That one bear family seems to be the only animals living in a HOUSE. 
Oh, and SOMETIMES he decides to wear clothes, is he going through the same stage as my son, on which he only wears clothing for special occasions?
As for the other animals, do you they have parents? 
Do they even have HOMES??? I just saw a skunk living in a cave, the bears should be in there.
Doesn't it belittle the other animals?
Why are they always mooching off Little Bear and his parents?
I sure as heck couldnt afford to feed all those tagalongs everyday!
Then you have the attitude with the cat, the know-it-all owl and the duck.... well she is blonde, "nuff" said. Oh, can't forget the bossy little girl. Poor girl is so bossy she doesnt have real friends, she has to wonder the woods with WILD animals.... again, where are HER parents? Who lets their kid spend the night at a BEARS house?
The kids love Little Bear. I don't mind it, but I sit here watching and wondering.... constantly saying to myself "WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?!".
Am I the only one that thinks these things?


Jose said...

Little bear ain't so bad aside from his freeloading friends. At least he's not an insufferable whiner like Caillou!

Kristy said...

Funny post! Little Bear is on in the background now.

I did always wonder where the animals adults and didn't need parents? And why does a little girl spend so much time with bears?

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

It's not just Little Bear, what about Max and Ruby? A girl young enough to have tea parties should not be left solely responsible for her younger brother. And why is Blue the only animal who can't talk in Blue's Clues? (or at least it's just the dogs who can't talk, but the cats? They're quite vocal thank you.) Yes, we've spent too many years in front of children's television.

Lindsey said...

So true! So glad Mom's are coming out about Little Bear and his wild 'woods' living. Wait until they get older and you start asking the same things about Franklin-he does live in a house ( two in fact )!

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