Friday, February 4, 2011

365: Day 2: My wittle owl

The trend with me lately is starting projects LATE with a redbox movie.
Though I am enjoying myself I need to start a little earlier.

So todays cue for the Daily Creativity Journal: 365 was using my favorite animal as inspiration.
This took some thinking, because I really dont have a FAVORITE animal, but I have been drawn to Owls lately. Plus I just watched the Legends of the Guardians movie, and the cute little owls are haunting me:)
My first thought was to gather scraps and make an owl pillow. On my way to the "storage room" where the fabric scraps are kept prisoner, I glimpsed into my room and saw my embroidery hoop waving at me in need of some attention.
I asked it "poor wittle hoop! Do you need some love?", it jumped up and down and ran to me. So I put it to use. Here is the outcome :)
365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Day2
This was fun.
He is so pathetic that its cute.
My husband asked "Did you trace him?" and I was proud to point that his awkward shape proved I freelanced him . He he he. Im learning :)
I'm still really learning the art of embroidery, and stalking Sublime Stitching for tips & patterns, but I do think I mastered the "satin stitch" here. Lets not stare at his left wing..... he fell out of a tree :)


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