Monday, February 28, 2011

Around the House Mondays : Round 3

Today when I picked up my camera and did a walk through of my house searching for things leftover from the weekend I was a little stumped.
All there was yarn.
And MORE yarn.
I bought A LOT of yarn this weekend! No worries it was on sale for $2 a skien, but still. Along with noticing that there was a lot of yarn, I realized that it consumed most of my weekend.
I made 4 caps, 2 of which I had to unravel because I was using the wrong size yarn and needle.
Do you like the bird/flower ( I really have no clue what that thing is) box? Found it at my Goodwill trip yesterday. I think it was a card box before, but now it contains my hair ties and bobby pins, ready for MARCH OF HAIR starting tomorrow!
Thats whats leftover this Monday morning around my house. 
What does your house look like?
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