Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elko Museum

Now everything on this Battle Mountain trip wasnt sad, we did have some fun.
Today we made a trip to the next town over. 
85 miles away.
The wonderful town of Elko!
They have a Super Walmart!!!! Seriously, I heart Super Walmart. Dont hate, you love it too.
Another thing they have in Elko is a museum. The best part, it was pretty empty today, so my crazy children ran around the place like they owned it.
Yes, I'm the parent encouraging my child to pet the stuffed animals.
"Pet the growling bear Ms.Chloe, say CHEESE!"
Remember I said my in laws are VERY entertaining, on my MIL would ask me to take her picture like this.
Apparently I'm the bartender stuck in this town and looking for this man to sweep me away. Take a look ABOVE the bar, I'm loving the jack-olope.
They are only taking a breather.
It was a MINI sewing machine!!
The best part about this museum was all the vintage clothing (my hubs thinks the best part was the collection of guns, um NO). I had actually hope to score these items at a thrift store, not have to stare at them behind glass in a museum!
Of course I had to share one of the MANY photos of the eyes half open.... AND the booger picker.


Diana Smith said...

Your kids are sooooo adorable!! Seriously!! Your little family is so cute!!

Love =

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