Sunday, February 20, 2011

Battle Mountain

Battle Mountain.
What a name for a city.
A slow city. A dead city. A city where the only thing that is recognizable is the McDonalds.
With the cloud coverage it seems like a depressing place. No color, run down homes, the sounds of the trucks on the freeway breaking.
Definitely not my kind of place.
I enjoy the warmth, bright colors and being within a 100 mile radius of a mall.
With my Gidget still missing and feeling of all hope gone in terms of finding her, my stay here has been a little hazy.
Hence the photos. Trying to capture my mindset on this weekend get away.
sweater- thrifted
top- Forever 21
jeans- Indonesia

My trip hasn't been all a complete depressed hazed.
The Hubs parents are the most entertaining funny people. Laughter is the only thing that can keep the mind off a broken heart. Also my little munchkins, they are taking over the space of this apartment. Crazy kids, one can't help to smile and laugh at their goofy ways.


Denice Carmody said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling blue!

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