Monday, February 28, 2011

It's O.K to Runaway

Cap- Home made: JJCrochet Pattern : Rachael (Free)
Sweater- Thrifted 
Top- Thrifted
Jeans- Forever 21
shoes- $3, dollar store buy
Sometimes its ok to runaway for a little bit.
I'm definitely one of those moms that believes in time away from your kids. I truly believe its the healthy thing to do. Or else, you just go LOCO!
Yesterday got to a point that I started twitching, and the hubs had to kick me out of the house. 
The kids were swinging from the swinging from the ceiling with animal crackers in there mouths, the hubs was in his own mental world blocking the madness out, and I was watching everything with my eyes popping out of my head.
My kids are like little tornados.
 The night before the hubs and I stayed up ALL night (3:00am) watching the first season of Dexter, so we were trying to sleep in. It was hard sleeping in, not because they were LOUD, it was because they were SILENT. Silence in my house is a bad thing, that means someone is up to no good. 
I ended up nudging the husband to go and check on Chloe cause I couldnt hear her at all, he stormed out of the room then all you hear is "OH MY GOD!!", I topple out of the bed and hustle down the hallway to the living room to find out 7x12 ft rug is encrusted with animal crackers. They had dumped out one of the costco tubs of animal crackers, and mashed the ENTIRE tub of them into the carpet. 
I was in shock.
We didn't say anything to the kids. I think we were both too stunned and tired to really express our frustration. 
So you see the day started with that and only got worse. When I left the house I sat in the car and created a game for myself. Goodwill & Borders are always my go to calm down joints.
Goodwill graced me with some AWESOME/CUTE fabric. Loads of it! Yesssssss! Thats my spring wear right there. Then I went to Borders where I hid in the back reading books on crochet, only to make a list of books worthwhile that I would order off Amazon at a later time.
When I came home I gave the kids a big hug, kicked the hubs out of the house (cause when I got home he was looking the same way I did before I left) and got so much needed errands done.
Moral of the story: Mommies need free time. No exceptions.


Anonymous said...

OMG, total retail therapy required after seeing those crackers in the carpet! I had a similar experience last week. Kids were quiet. It was hubby's turn to be "on" kids, but he doesn't get worried when they are quiet like I do. So, I get up (already mad at having to do that), to find kids had cracked open every peanut from a large bag, shells all over the floor and feeding them to the dog. Oy.

Diana Smith said...

Your kiddies are so cute! i love how you are playing with them in that one are such a cute mom!

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