Saturday, February 19, 2011

Buh Bye See Mom Run Bike Swim

Today just isnt a HAPPY day to post an outfit shot.
Plus I have been in and out of thermals all day freezing my arse off.
Tonight at dinner my father in law asked me what "Accomplishing Motherhood" was and how it differed from See Mom Run Bike Swim.
To make it simple, I felt as though I could only post things pertaining to fitness on SMRBS, I felt as though I could not express myself in ANY other way there. Even though its my blog, a part of me felt as though I wasnt welcome there unless I was running my arse into the ground.
My life isn't ONLY fitness. Though that may be the only thing people think of when then think of me, "there is more to me then the miles under my feet". I feel as though I have said that A LOT.
This blog is to really express MYSELF, and EVERYTHING about me. 
To encourage others as well that you can try ANYTHING.
Dont ever let others bring you down for trying something new.
Recently my SIL stated that she thought this blog seemed like "me". 
That made me pretty happy, because it is me:)
I like me.
I like to stare in the mirror and talk to myself, I enjoy myself THAT much. 
Ok, just kidding.
But for one to say that they are happy with themselves nowadays is a BIG thing.
With all this being said....
See Mom Run Bike Swim is closing its blogging doors, and I will be a ONE blog woman.
Though those doors in bloggy land are closed doesnt mean that I will never post about fitness, c'mon I still am a fitness freak and believe a run can solve ANYTHING.
I'll just be sharing EVERYTHING HERE. We all need to mix it up right?
Buh Bye See Mom Run Bike Swim, I'm expanding myself.


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