Thursday, February 24, 2011

March of Hair

This evening while sitting down and reading ELLE magazine I was inspired to stop what I was doing and get blogging.
I've recently brought up a project that I have had mentally in the works, I haven't shared it yet because I wasn't sure on how to approach it, but now is the time to bring it out and get everyone's gears turning.
Some of you can see the turn I've taken into sewing & fashion with all my sewing projects, and my daily outfits. With the small bit of knowledge and plenty of inspiration I have covered in the past month I've been inspired to create a small challenge to freshen up EVERYONE'S look.
I think all bloggers are very BUSY people, just like me. Being a busy leaves us looking, well not so hot. With this in mind, we are starting SMALL.
 No one needs to run out and go crazy with all the bold spring colors, or buy 10 pairs of wedges.
We are going to start from the TOP, and whats on the top of our head?
All that glorious, fantabulous hair!
Your thinking "eh, hair?" huh?
Thats ok, lets talk about it by answering these questions:
1.What is your regular "do"?
2.What is your lazy "do"?
3.Are those 2 the same?
4.Do you use oily hair as gel?
5.Do you own hair accessories?
6.Do you hide under a ball cap?
The Japanese Bun - My daily "do"
Think about your answers.  Are you NOT impressed with yourself?
Let me answer the questions:
1. My "do" is hair straight down, with a bobby pin on both sides. Little girl style.
2. The Japanese Bun. Pretty much a massive bun sitting on the top of my head
3. No, but before I started challenging myself with outfits it was.
4. I've tried ... but its nasty. I can't pull it off.
5. Do clips count?
6. Every other day!

When I stop to think about it, I'm pretty bored with myself.
Trying a different hairstyle is really the CHEAPEST way to give yourself a new look.
So here is the 
Hair Clean large
All during the month of March I will be trying and sharing different ways to style your hair & for all you crafty ladies I will be sharing a tutorial EVERYDAY on creating a NEW hair accessory!
Now I don't have ANY hair experience, I pretty much SUCK at it, so I will be on the search for ...
hair dos!
We will be learning together, unless you're already AMAZING with your hair....
Mostly I will be sharing YOUTUBE videos.  I totally think watching a video on hair makes things a little easier than just reading a tutorial.
We can do it!
Just the smallest hair accessory gives a new look and makes it look like you've tried!

Are you ready to CHALLENGE yourself to doing your hair EVERYDAY?
Creating 31 new hair accessories to your collection?
We are starting MARCH 1st!
So prepare yourself.


Proper Paige said...

Awesome. I am ready to see what's in store! I could use a little inspiration!

Jen said...

I'm in! I find myself falling into the rut as well. I always put makeup on, make sure my clothes match, but my hair usually ends up in a mess on the top of my head.

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