Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Girls Day Out

Oh the relaxing joys of a girls day out.
And when I say day, I mean ALL day. 9-5 baby.
The best part is that we didnt realize how late it was. That shows how great of a time we were having.
Started with thrifting through Carmel, then made our way through the Monterey Peninsula stopping at every thrift store on the way.
First stop was some breakfast though :)

My favorite part was the Carmel thrift shops. I had only heard of them from my dear friend Denice, but I was so lucky for her to actually show me them today!
They were darling.


Why darling? Because they served an endless amount of cookies, brownies, cupcakes and sparkling cider. I definitely didnt feel like I was shopping, rather at a party with a bunch of cool trinkets around.
As for trinkets, I did find one today. It was sitting there waiting for me.
A teapot stove!
I thought this lovely thing was to precious to leave behind. How unique! I havent seen anything like it.
My other roundups from our thrifting adventure was a belt, fabric and sweater. I felt I did pretty well. Though I would have like to have walked away with more :)

Been to Ericks Deli?
Today was my first time. Oh my yum yums, DELISH!
We had to refuel for more shopping.
Our last stop was The Del Monte shopping center which is like an outdoor mall.
Found a SUPER CUTE store that I have always avoided in fear of the prices being horrendous, but they were actually GREAT.
The last purchase of the night was made my Denice.... 
Did your jaw drop?
Yeah, mine did when she showed me. 50% off. My heart would have broken if she had not purchased them. So many possibilities.
So I had a GREAT time.
One happy woman right here.
And Denice, I hope you have dreams of elephants in sequin ruffled heels


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