Friday, February 11, 2011

Sewing Intervention

There comes many a time in the midst of our sewing lives that we have to step away from a project.
Today was one of those days for me.
Still on the mission for my ruffled skirt, I decided to start it today.
Todays plans WERE to do a photo shoot and blog about some recently finished projects, but I put that to the side.
I figured I had the time time to get the skirt rolling.
Now I DONT have a pattern for one. I am making one from scratch, using the book Little Green Dresses as a guide.
The steps for making one are time consuming.
And not until I was ready to cut the fabric did I realize I made the skirt to long, and I couldnt just "hem the ruffles" I would have to .....  I cant explain. Lets just say I would have start from the beginning.
Which lead to tears.
You know the hot ones that just well up in your eyes. Your cheeks get hot, you start breathing heavy, it doesnt help that my son is in his room screaming his head off, egh.
I was sitting in a pile of paper (used for making patterns), gripping the edge of the table. If I was The Hulk, the table would have crumbled in my hands.
Decided to to get up and walk around, I looked like a homeless lady, with the ponytail on the side of her head, stray hairs everywhere, in pajamas, bra strap hanging down, walking in circles in the living, muttering only God knows what.
At this time, the husband made an intervention.
This made it OK to cry a little. Everyone cries at interventions right?
Hubs whispered sweet nothings of a salad from Wendy's into my ear and I felt a little better...
I'm feeling much better NOW.
So after talking it out I think I'm going to actually BUY some patterns. 
Though I love the ability of making whatever I want with making my own patterns, it wears down your mind. 
I'm a little sick of my own measurements right now.
So I need some help :)
What are some of your favorite patterns?


Daniel said...

I do that all the time!! I don't like using patterns! I only like them sometimes.

Diana Smith said...

Oopsy I commented under my husbands log in!! I am the above comment! hehe

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