Thursday, February 10, 2011

I got a remote for my camera!

Today was another learning day.
I made my first A-Line skirt. <- Insert cheesy grin here.
I know I promised ruffles, but apparently in order to make a ruffle skirt I needed to make an A-Line pattern, and I just HAD to make an A-Line to check the size and it TOTALLY ROCKED.
Pictures? You ask for pictures?!
I havent taken any.
But this is where today got even better...
I got a remote for my camera!
Ya, heres me pretending to be on my computer (in loungewear of course) and taking a picture.
That thing rocks.
So that means I can now hold my own little fashion shoot.
I have to mentally prepare myself, I know I will be blushing taking my own pictures. Probably with my kids in the background half naked. 
Thats how I roll.
Want to check out something totally RAD?
Head on over to Scenic Glory and check out her photobooth, and how your lovely face can grace her page.
At this moment my cheesy face is pasted on there :)



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