Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Exchange

Flashback time!
Lets go back to the 4th grade. Such a wonderful time in my life (uh, not.)
4th grade is really the only time that I remember exchanging Valentines. I remember the importance of how MANY received, and out of those, the most important was the message the boy you liked was trying to convey to you.
In other words, what was Daffy Duck trying to say here? Did you, boy of my dreams mean that he wanted to be MORE than friends? Did he “like” me?
Lets all take a moment to dig deeper within the flashback and laugh…
Ok back to reality.
Now not until my kids are older, and they bring home their little handmade Valentines, I will not be receiving ONE.
Yeah, I don’t rely on the hubby to follow through on a card, and I really don’t care, just as long as he takes me out for a burrito. That’s all that matters. I have priorities in life.
With all this being thought & said, I thought it would be fun to have a Valentine Exchange!
Would you like to exchange valentines?
Look I even wrote it out on the chalkboard, kept the kids away with one foot, as I took the photo. Skills.
This is open to everyone out in twitter/bloggy/facebook/instagram/tumblr (daaaannng!) land.
We exchange addresses (please don’t expect me to have them from Christmas, Im not a magical unicorn that keeps those things on file).
Print out, have you kids make, homemade, more Looney Toons or Dora bought from store (I’m open) Valentines are excepted. Chocolate would be greatly appreciated, wait make that Fudge (that sounds so good right now!)
Just email me christinahebert (at) live (dot) com to exchange addresses.
Are you excited? Do you feel like you are back in the 4th grade again? Or do you have a bunch of fairy friends and continue to do this every year?


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