Friday, February 25, 2011

Running Shorts & Rocker Shoes

tank - Stroller Strides Bamboo Tank
Shorts - Pearl Izumi
Heels- 'Rocker' Shoe Dazzle
Heels and running shorts?
Why the heck NOT? It's the next big thing! Encouraging woman that they can workout AND STILL be stylish!
Alright, just kidding, but you never know, and if it DOES become popular, you saw it HERE first.
Last night after coming home from a late night at the gym my Shoe Dazzle box was waiting for me. The hubs tried to hide it, but once I saw a piece of what look like carboard behind him, I nearly knocked him over to get to it.
Again I was soooo impressed with the quality of these heels once I opened the box. I ran right down the hallway to my room where the full length mirror was to check em out. The whole time I have a big goofy grin.
Next thing I was hollering at the hubs to come and take pictures. He looks at me, still in my workout clothes and hair sweaty sexified and says "Are you serious?". "Um, yes, this it hot, get to work....slave...dont talk back :)"
He made it seem as though he didnt like them, but then later tells me that they are pretty hot.
I'm eventually going to have to do a whole post on Shoe Dazzle, but for now Go Here and check it out :)


MissFancyPants said...

haha! love it! I do the same thing sometimes...sometimes my wedges looks cute with a running skirt....

Diana Smith said...

Those shoes are HOT! Glad you got them!

The Smith Circle

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