Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!
Are all you love bugs having a LOVEY day?
Today was like any other day for me. 
Being a mommy to toddlers kind of keeps us indoors when it comes to special occasion, but that doesnt mean I cant dressed up and feel pretty.
Remember that you dont need a special occasion to put on makeup and a cute outfit. There are so many outfits in my closet that have been sitting in there with price tags still on, not worn because I thought I didnt have special enough reason to wear them!
Screw that!
Though I may not really go out, just a trip to get some frozen yogurt puts the outfit to use.
Then to see the hubs face everytime he walks in the door is priceless. I know he enjoys seeing me in something other than workout clothes & pajamas.
But then he always says "where the hell you going?"



Dress- Target
Belt- Francesca
Finally got wear my new SHOE DAZZLE shoes. They are COMFY and just so sexy.
They were a pair of shoes I stepped out of my comfort zone.
Wait. Not MY comfort zone, the HUBS. 
Having the hubs as my only "go to" person for opinions the past couple years has kinda hindered me from really expressing myself. He has a very conservative look on womens clothing. I had a hidden Claudia from the Babysitters Club eccentric look on clothing.
Now I have decided to go with my gut on what I want. Not asking anyones opinion.
Now time for me to finish off a bag of hershey kisses!


Betty Lou said...

Love the outfit. Too cute!! Also, Very excited about the Babysitter's Club reference;)

Anonymous said...

Amazing belt!!!

Diana said...

love the shoes and the outfit! You rock

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