Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blogger Identity Crisis

Do you see the beauty? The glorious, pristine, FRESH look I have created?
I am bouncing up and down in my chair with excitement/pride. 
All afternoon I spent on RE-CREATING my blog.
Though its simple, I feel it expresses ME more.
And thats what a blog is all about right? Expressing oneself!
So of course here is a BEFORE.
Then look AROUND the BEFORE at the AFTER.
I was a sponge today. And one of those MASSIVE old school sponges that look like they should be sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor. I soaked up so much information about HTML and editing that my mind is FRIED.
Why the change?
Well on Saturday I admitted to my friend Margaret that I was having a "blogger identity" crisis. 
I was torn with the blog name that I had created. "Accomplishing Motherhood", was a name I choose over a year ago. It was the boost for my alter ego on ditching the baby weight, and completing my first half ironman. I had been lost in a haze of major PPD, and needed to push through.
Now that was THEN. This is NOW. I have found myself. I'm somewhat out of the haze and I working and achieving things that I have only dreamed about.
This blog is not ONLY to submerge myself in the MOMMY world. I am not ONLY a mommy! I am CHRISTINA too!
So this blog is for me. For all I want to be. To reach out and find friends with the same crazy interests as moi!
I Had an epiphany while I was on the treadmill today. I happened to be in the womens workout area on in the gym, they keep all the "lady" channels on in there. I was watching the LIFETIME channel, while listening to my IPOD (multitalented like that) and Greys Anatomy came on.
I NEVER watch that show, just cause I dont have time, so dont freak out. But I was somewhat reading the subtitles, and then I saw my name "CHRISTINA". I guess one of the characters in the show is also named Christina. When I read it, I thought "what a pretty name, wait thats my name!", it was the first time I thought as my name as PRETTY.
Then it hit me, I saw my blog page appear in my head. I saw it all.
Thats it! So simple, just my name. Why do I need a special blog name to be myself!?
So I came home, put the kids down for a nap, and went to work...
A shout out to Lindsay over at Scenic Glory for helping me out by answering a SIMPLE HTML question that I was STUMPED on. She got back to me so fast, it was a relief. Was on the verge of pulling my eyebrows out. (NOTE: need to get brows threaded).
Also I dug through The Coffee Shop blog and read all her tutorials on blogger editing.
I could cry with the gratefulness I have for all the bloggers out there, that take their time to create tutorials for other bloggers. Or stopping what you are doing to help a fellow blogger.
So what do you think? The good, bad and ugly. I want it ALL. 
 I am still in process of putting the final touches, but I will be there soon. 
Learning and growing.


Amy said...

Christina, I love it! It looks fantastic. I love the clean lines, the side bar all of it! Great job. And thanks for the links, my poor blog is so sad right now!

stacy said...

Great job! Want to revamp mine? (laughing) I want cool things but don't know how to do it. And I have tried learning html, I am just dumb there. Anyways, nice job and you are Christina, not just a mom! Love that line. Christina in Grey's also had a identity crisis, love her, but what a great show if you ever get to go back and watch it.

Lindsey said...

Great Job Christina! It's fresh, fun, inviting and readable! What can't you do in one day?! You are an inspiration!

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